Moda Black Vol. II

Moda Black Vol. II


This April marks the release of the second ever Moda Black album, curated by label owners Jaymo & Andy George. Consisting of 14 new and exclusive pieces of music written by the labels artists and extended family including Hot Since 82, Eats Everything, Huxley, Danny Daze & Maxxi Soundsystem.

Having gone from bright young things to one of modern house music’s flag bearers in the past five years, Jaymo & Andy George are in rare form. DJ’s, producers, keen-eared label bosses, organizers of the much famed Moda parties and hosts of their own US radio show, the polymathic British duo have become synonymous with quality electronic music.

Coming correct with a distinctly modern slant on house music without losing touch with classic vibes, Moda Black Vol. II sees Jaymo & Andy cementing their status as consummate tastemakers. Awash with skewed vocals, bassed-out rhythms and bastardised house tropes, this is a mix that takes in a range of influences, and genre splits, and relays them as a snap shot of the modern house landscape. Whether it's the daydream inducing atmospheres of opener 'Pale Ale' by rising star Ben Pearce, the lop-sided, stripped funk of the indomitable Eats Everything and his 'Jazz Hands' or the vintage bump of Jaymo & Andy's own creation 'Remember' – each and every track here stands on it's own as a genuine, forward-thinking house killer - and does so in uniquely different ways.

An impeccable tracklist in the bag, it falls to Jaymo and Andy's skills as DJ's to make sense of it and they excel here. Each cut has space to breathe but the flow is tight and focused with a real dancefloor narrative threaded throughout. Eschewing anything too linear, most transitions here serve to highlight contrasts in the tracks and the result is a mix that always has something interesting around the corner, whether it be the skipping Chicago jack of Medlar & Pedestrian's 'T.R. Wilson', the hypnotic drums of one of Moda Black's leading lights, Hot Since 82 or the memorably warped and hotly anticipated Danny Daze and Maxxi Soundsystem collaboration 'Karoline'.

Moda Black Vol. II perfectly showcases the dynamic sound of this exciting, forward thinking record label and the space in which it operates.

Moda Black Vol. II is released in mixed and unmixed formats on April 15th, with a preceding vinyl sampler and accompanying tour.